Online magazines are a great platform in order to get in the know at the click of the button. With everything slowly becoming digital, it is a great way to learn about a certain region of style, beauty, fashion and culture.

Nordic Style Magazine exemplifies this due to their broad range of highlights pertaining to the Nordic fashion and design industry. The magazine was founded in 2012, by founder and editor in chief Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir. Since then Nordic Style Magazine has expanded constantly, giving daily updates from across the Nordic countries.

Originally from Reykjavík, Iceland, Soffía Theódóra Tryggvadóttir explained the humble beginnings and how the idea for Nordic Style Magazine turned into a full blown movement:

“I started Nordic Style Magazine in 2012. It was just myself and a Swedish girl who dropped out before the magazine was launched. I was living in New York at the time and felt that there was a real interest in Nordic culture and fashion in the city. That’s why we started this magazine and I kept on going with it. Eventually, many people started contacting me and wanted to contribute.”

Now Nordic Style Magazine has an extensive list of writers, photographers, editors and marketing managers. The team stems from all over the world and communicates online. Many of the team does not have Scandinavian heritage, but all have a common interest and a connection to the Scandinavian fashion and culture.

With seven issues to date, Nordic Style Magazine started as a periodical online magazine and is now based on a re-designed website format:

“Initially we focused mainly on the online magazine and had a website as a side project, says Soffía. In 2013 we got a lot of new contributors on the site and it ended up turning into the website being better run than the magazine. It was always a bit of a let down when we published the magazine and compared it to the traffic we received through the website. We just decided to design the website all over again and it has completely changed from what it was. Now we will focus on doing great content online. It's also easier to grow as a website as well now a-days.”

Plans to expand to different future platforms are not out of the question for the brand:
“Were open to everything, it just depends on our contributors, says Soffía. We are not a profitable, people are doing it to gain exposure in the industry. Everyone in way has their own reasons as to why they work for us. Some have gotten jobs at other magazines, or at companies that they’ve met through the magazine. A lot of people have actually stuck with Nordic Style Magazine since early 2013. The editors have been with me for a long time, and the marketing manager as well."
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All images via NordicStyleMag

Communicating online also exposes its writers, photographers, publicists and marketing managers to an extensive list of people they can collaborate and create with. It’s a global database and friendship all through a common love for Scandinavian Style and Fashion. The team also frequently travels to major exhibitions and events, such as North Modern design trade show in Copenhagen, Denmark and fashion weeks throughout Scandinavia.
As Soffía and her team gear up to cover the Stockholm Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion week, she reflects on a memorable moment:
“Last fashion week we just used the group talk on Facebook groups and all the teams marketing, writing and editing were all in unison with each other. We were all coordinating posts, marketing, photos, articles through our platforms of communication.  We felt like a huge power team, and it was an extremely successful output!”

You can catch Nordic Style Magazine covering all of the latest events and news through their website.